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date:Sunday, March 28, 2010
time:2:12 PM
My back burnt like duno wat now. Pain and itchy but it's all worth it. (: I told gwen we gonna make it happen and we did it. Woooooo. hahahaha. Photos will be upload soon aft I got it from my babe. :DDDDDDDDD

Your everything still matters to me.

date:Friday, March 12, 2010
time:5:41 PM
I got so much things to post but I duno where to start. Hahaha. Camp life was great esp wid a bunch of great campmates. I met 2 veri nice campmates inside. They really take good care of me. (:

Sharlene, my beloved campmate. I'm gonna miss u damn damn much. ): Rem no matter where u are, we will there for each other. I miss u la.

To Y,
I duno will u be reading tis. U noe every night I keep thinking abt u. I really miss u alot alot. I have make up my mind. I choose to wait for u cos I still love u, I still have feeling for u.

For you, I would have done whatever.

date:Saturday, February 13, 2010
time:3:02 PM
WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!! Finally no more UTs and tml is cny. yay yay yay. But den duno why tis year I dun have any cny mood. Sian. But anyway angbao is the best part of cny tt I like. Hehehe. :DDDD

4 more days just 4 more days only and I'm enlisting. Sian ttm but den kinda looking forward to it. Hahaha.

I'm missing you so so much now.

date:Tuesday, February 09, 2010
time:3:54 PM
2 more UT to go and that's it. CNY coming. WOOOOOOO!! I lioke. :DDDDDD But I'm enlisting like fucking real soon la. Sigh. ): Movie ytd wid baby. We watched a boring show. Hahahaha. Is good to go out wid baby cos we will be eating and eating. Hahaha. Chinatown aft tt. Super crowded ttm and we bought 1kg of mochi and jelly. (:

I will look forward for my every book out den we will go have good foods and enjoy our weekends. :DDD I love you.

I'm a happy kid. (:

date:Sunday, January 31, 2010
time:10:12 PM
Ytd bbq was a blast. Had lots of fun and drink until vomit. Thanks to Baby, Kaven and Joelle. :D With them around, we can be like crazy kids. HAHAHAHA. Might be prawning wid them next sunday. (:

Ok left one more week and school will be end forever. Wooooooo! I can't wait for holiday to come so I can party like a rockstar. Hahahaha. Nb but den I will be veri sian cos I will be enlisting soon.

You're my life, my soul, my girl. (:

date:Saturday, January 16, 2010
time:1:43 PM
Less than one month and I'm graduating soon which mean I will be enlisting like veri soon. ): Sad ttm now. So now I'm gonna enjoy as much as I can but den I still veri sad ah. I miss everyone out there. My family, my friends and my Baby. ):

Me and Baby are back again. (: And tis time we gonna take things easy. Love u Baby. :D

Oh ya mummy is good enough to buy new year clothes for me. Hehehe. (:

date:Wednesday, January 13, 2010
time:11:11 PM

It's 11:11pm now. I know you are missing me right now and I'm missing you too. (: